Walking On Air Book

All The Answers To Healthy Feet In One Book!

Walking On Air Book

New Book From Narelle Montgomery: “Walking On Air – The Guide On How To Have Happy and Healthy Feet For A Lifetime”.

‘Why would you want to write a book about feet?’ is the question all my friends and family have been asking me. Well, after saying the same things to my patients over and over for almost 30 years, I decided to put together a comprehensive guide to the most common questions and concerns I hear about as a podiatrist.

My aim in writing this book is to explain in plain English how to look after one of the most neglected parts of your body, your feet.

Everyone forgets about their feet until they get a small niggle of pain, stub their toe, or wince when they put on their favourite pair of shoes.

This book is written without the medical jargon, easy to understand and easy to apply information. It is just like you were talking to a Podiatrist, and getting their best information to look after one of the most fascinating areas of your body – your feet!

Praise for Walking On Air

“Finally, a simple instruction manual on how to take care of your feet and improve your foot health – excellent and vital information”

Elizabeth Kiriakidis
Podiatrist and Foot Health Educator

“Walking on Air is an excellent reference guide for people wanting to take better care of their foot health – it is the only foot health guide you will ever need”

Paul Wright
Physiotherapist and Educator

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