Nail Surgery Services in Sutherland

Has the pain from your ingrown toenail been so bad that you are frightened to have anything done?
Do you dread going out in public incase someone accidentally treads on your toe?
Do you dread putting on a pair of shoes because the pain is excruciating?
Have you tried fixing it yourself but you have just made it worse?
Do You Have Ingrown Toenails that won’t resolve?

Well we have the solution for you!

Nail surgery is a procedure designed to treat and resolve the toenail problem.

Chronic ingrown toenails occur when the skin is penetrated by the nail. In the early stages, this may only be minor and cause little or no discomfort. However, as the nail grows it continues to penetrate deeper into the skin and cause irritation and inflammation of the surrounding tissue, resulting in pain and infection. This can severely restrict your ability to wear normal shoes and can have a detrimental effect on your daily quality of life.

What is the nail surgery?

The method of nail surgery is known either as a PNA (Partial nail avulsion) which involves removal of part of the nail or a TNA (Total nail avulsion) which involves removal of the entire nail. The procedure you undergo is determined by whether it is part of the nail causing the problem. Both procedures are safe and effective.

A quick run-down on a PNA:

A PNA is a minor ingrown toenail surgical procedure performed by the Podiatrist which involves permanently removing the side of the affected toenail. Your Podiatrist will inject local anaesthetic into your toe, then cut through the nail down towards the nail matrix.

The nail matrix is the area at the base of your toenail and is where new nail cells form and grow. The skin remains uncut and does not require any stitches so the healing time is quick. This also decreases the chances of the area becoming infected after the surgery.

Once the nail piece is removed, the matrix is flushed with a chemical called phenol. The phenol destroys the nail matrix where the piece of nail is removed, permanently preventing the nail cells from regrowing and causing you another ingrown nail. Phenol is one of the most efficient methods of destroying the nail and results in the least amount of trauma to the surrounding tissue and offers the lowest chance of regrowth from the nail.

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