Diabetic Footcare Information

Diabetic Footcare in Sutherland

As well as monitoring their blood sugar levels and maintaining a well balanced diet and exercise regime, diabetics should constantly monitor the health of their extremities, for example their feet. This is made a lot easier with the help of podiatry.

Nerves in Diabetic sufferer’s feet are generally damaged, which means that they may not necessarily be able to feel heat, pain or injury in them. Blood supply to their feet can be hindered because of the vascular changes to the blood vessels.

Essentially, what is a small foot problem to others can be a lot more hazardous for people with diabetes. This is why at Sutherland Podiatry Centre; we recommend that diabetics should have consultations every 8-12 weeks, as well as a thorough circulation and nerve test every six months. This is of great importance when trying to minimise possible difficulties and injuries.

Our Podiatrists encourage Diabetic footcare and perform regular tests on our Diabetic patients, in order to properly monitor them for any signs of neuropathy (loss of sensation in their feet).

In addition to this, Sutherland Podiatry Centre also participates in the Government’s Enhanced Primary Care Plan programme for eligible patients. For more information, please ask one of our Administration team about a Medicare EPC Plan.