Narelle Montgomery


Ass.Dip.Pod, AAPSM, Member of the Australian Podiatry Association(NSW), Member of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

About Narelle Montgomery


Narelle graduated from the Sydney Institute of Technology in 1988. Narelle has worked for other private clinics in Burwood, Newcastle and Cronulla and also at St George and Canterbury Hospitals. She started Narelle Montgomery Podiatry in 1994 and has built up the practice so it is now the biggest in Sutherland and surrounding areas.

In 2014 she renamed the practice ‘Sutherland Podiatry Centre’ due to the change from a 1 person practice, to a team of dedicated Podiatry Professionals. She has done multiple lectures in the Shire on foot care for Seniors and Carers.

Narelle has been known to travel extensively for conferences and courses to enhance her podiatry skills (and we think her shopping skills!). Currently as well as treating patients at this clinic she also shares her extensive clinical experience at the University of Western Sydney as a Clinical Supervisor. Her areas of interest are Children’s Foot Conditions, Trigger Point Therapy, Biomechanics and General Foot care.