Podiatry For Knocked Knees in Sutherland

Do you suffer from Knock-Knees?

Knock-knees refers to when the legs are turned inward at the knees. It is very common for children to develop such a condition as it is a normal stage of development which children usually outgrow. Knock-Knees may be caused by structural osseous abnormalities and occur from the level of the hip, knee, ankle and foot.

What do they look like?

The knees are close together while the lower legs are farther apart when the child is assessed standing or during walking. This condition is normal to be present at ages between 3-4 and should resolve by about age 7. Some medical conditions may also cause knock-knees.

When should I be concerned?

Knock-knees are normal in young children as they grow. However, concern should be raised if your childs knock-knees are severe, worsen after age eight, only has one leg that is affected or your child is limping or in pain.

Why you should see us!

The health professionals at Sutherland Podiatry can assess the level at which the knock-knee is coming from and implement a management plan to help reduce the symptoms experienced.

Treatment may include the following:

  • Stretching and Strengthening exercises
  • Footwear education
  • Orthotics to correct lower limb alignment