Podiatry Treatment For Bunions in Sutherland

Do you suffer from Bunions?

Bunions are often described as a bump on the side of the big toe. Bony changes and alterations in this toe are what causbunion1e you to see such a prominence. Instead of the big toe pointing forward, the toe leans towards the second toe. As this occurs, the bones are thrown out of alignment and the bump develops. Bunions are progressive and may cause constant pain for some people.

Who can develop Bunions?

Bunions are mostly caused by an inherited faulty mechanical structure which has developed as the bones in our feet have grown. People who are more prone to developing bunions tend to be flat-footed and over-pronated. With advancing age, bunions progress and deformity may worsen. Footwear is also another concern and would need to be assessed adequately.

What are the signs and symptoms that I should be looking out for?

At the site of the bunion, pain and soreness in the area are very common complaints. There may also be inflammation and redness or burning and numbness sensations being felt around the prominence and throughout the big toe.

What are the complications if left untreated?

If left untreated the bunion deformity will usually progress. Pain will also be exacerbated over time and functional mobility in the joints will reduce. Secondary arthritic changes may also develop and exacerbate the symptoms.

Why you should see us!

The health professionals at Sutherland Podiatry have extensive knowledge in bunions and treatment modalities available to cater for all stages of bunion development. The treatments are aimed at slowing down and minimising the progression, whilst increasing mobility and reducing the symptoms!

Treatment may include thbunion2e following:

  • Offloading devices to reduce pressure on the bunions
  • Specialised insoles and orthotics
  • Strapping and taping techniques
  • Silicone gel device slips for bunions
  • Specialised footwear, activity modification, medicament and surgical advice