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Your time is quickly running out | Sutherland Podiatry Centre

Hasn’t this year simply flown by? September is melting into October, the school holidays are fast approaching, and it’s not just the kids that are having time off. We’re proud of the fact that we at Sutherland Podiatry Centre are an adventurous bunch, and we’re not kidding when we say we currently have staff in FOUR different continents!

What does that mean for you though? Well, apart from you looking forward to finding out all about your podiatrist’s amazing trip, and hopefully getting some travel inspiration of your own, it means that you have limited time to book all the appointments you need before the end of the year. Spring is when things start to get BUSY in our clinic, and it’s also the time many people need a pre-holiday or pre-Summer foot health check-up.

As much as we stress the importance of booking appointments ahead, many of our patients don’t and then later can’t get the appointment they want. Countless times we’ve had to book people with a podiatrist they don’t know, or at a time that isn’t ideal, simply because they didn’t book far enough in advance, and the appointment they wanted is long since taken. When podiatrists take time off and as Christmas approaches, this becomes even more difficult – in fact, our December is ALREADY close to fully-booked!

So, for the sake of you, your schedule, and most importantly YOUR FOOT HEALTH, if you’re looking to see a podiatrist before or around Christmastime, NOW is the time to ACT. Give us a call on 9542 3491 TODAY to schedule your next podiatry appointment before your time runs out, or if you have your own very busy schedule, you can book your own appointment on our website. HURRY – spots are filling up, and FAST!

Happy holidays!

The Sutherland Podiatry Centre Team

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