Why should your Child see a Podiatrist?

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Do any of these thoughts ever cross your mind?

  • My child walks funny
  • Why does my child walk on their toes? 
  • Why do my child’s feet point inwards?
  • Why are my child’s feet flat?
  • Why does my child always fall down?
  • Why is my child so clumsy?

These are some of the most common questions and queries we get in our practice, and we have a group of professional podiatrists who are able tackle any of these issues. Our podiatrists pride themselves on giving attention and care to not only the child but the parent too. We understand how stressful it can be as a parent to not know what is happening with your child. 

What will happen during the consultation?

Depending on what signs or symptoms your child is experiencing, we will tailor the consultation to the individual. Regardless, we will still do a thorough foot and lower limb check to ensure all the pieces of the puzzle are taken into consideration and the best possible treatment plan can be prescribed. Below are some factors we take into consideration during the consultation.

  • Is your child reaching all their milestones? 
  • Does your child have a family history of anything significant? 
  • Do your child’s feet align with the rest of their body?
  • Does your child have any existing or new skin conditions that may be affecting their feet?

Gaining as much information as possible is the key to better patient outcomes, and the goal is to ensure we do not miss anything important in order to achieve the best results for your child.

Things that don’t seem right

This may include signs or symptoms that stand out during the consultation and raise concern. These are very important to address and require extra attention as they could affect your child in the long-term, and addressing these problems early is a crucial part of achieving the best quality of life for your child. Below are some examples of characteristics that may be of significance.

  • Neurological issues: If you feel like your child is not reaching their milestones or something seems a “bit off”, we can assess your child to see if they have an issue such as Cerebral Palsy 
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain: When muscular pain is constant, this is something we take seriously as your child may have a congenital issue that may go into adulthood
  • Night pain: This is one of the more serious symptoms as it raises concern for more significant issues that may require further testing

Your child’s problem is usually fixable for the majority of the time. However, in the instances it’s not we strongly recommend getting a professional opinion to put your mind at ease. Overall, we want the best for your child and endeavour to do our best in order for your child to live a happy, healthy and pain-free life. 

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