What Should I Do If I Get A Foot Ulcer?

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Have any foot ulcer examined by a health care professional IMMEDIATELY. Once you have received treatment, the wound should begin to heal in a week or two. Complete healing, however, may take quite some time. You must follow the treatment plan exactly as prescribed by your Podiatrist. Usually, the Podiatrist will trim or cut away (debride) the dead tissue, apply a dressing, and , if the wound is infected, get your Doctor to prescribe antibiotics. There are many dressing materials that may help heal your wound. It is likely that you will be asked to change your shoes. You must not walk on anulcer without protection. Use bed rest, crutches, or a wheelchair, but stay off that foot.

If the wound is not improving after a week or two, your Podiatrist will change the treatment plan. Be sure that you are doing all you can to follow the plan and help your foot to heal.

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