What Should I Do About A Corn Between My Toes?

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Corns between the toes that touch each other are called soft corns or kissing corns. Bones in adjacent toes rubbing together cause these corns. Shoes that squeeze the toes together aggravate soft corns. Sometimes they are very painful.

You can change shoes, add padding , and have surgery for soft corns. Switch to shoes that have a soft and high rounded toebox that does not press your toes together. You can buy special toe separator pads made of silicone or soft foam rubber, or you can loosely lace some lamb’s wool between the toes to decrease the rubbing. Do not use cotton or tissues between the toes because these materials can pack down and actually increase the pressure. Inspect you feet every day, including between your toes. See your podiatrist if you thilnk the soft corn needs to be trimmed,or if it is irritated or ulcerated.

We often find these soft corns have a fungal infection in them as well, especially if it gives off an odour! So we recommend you use a anti-fungal agent like ‘Lamisil’ or ‘Canestan’ to help with treating this problem

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  • Eric new Braverman MD Imagine You Because
    July 14, 2021 8:23 am

    I’m an md and play intense sports ! I have a tailor bunion when I wore larger sneakers to make room and make myself quicker and have more comfort I developed a kissing corn completely same side the tailor bunion I also have a bunion near the big toes


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