What Are The Top 5 Dangers To Your Foot Health If You Are A Tradie?

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Are you a tradie suffering from foot or leg pain? You’re far from alone – we see tradies every day for a variety of foot health issues. Aside from run-of-the-mill issues that are common in all demographics, working in a job requiring manual labour comes with its own unique set of risks to your foot health. The top 5 risks to tradies’ feet that we’ve noticed here at Sutherland Podiatry Centre are:

  1. Long working hours on your feet – even those spent mostly standing still require your feet and legs to work hard. Adding the stress of manual labour to that creates high potential for a variety of painful complications if issues aren’t caught and addressed immediately.
  2. Repetitive movements that continuously strain the same muscles and joints – e.g. squatting or bending. It’s not difficult for such movements to cause painful injuries, particularly if they’re not performed in the most safe and ergonomical way.
  3. Friction – can cause injuries such as blisters, corns and callouses. These very common in workers whose jobs require a lot of walking, and those who wear…
  4. Poor quality footwear that doesn’t keep your feet comfortable and healthy – aside from the aforementioned friction injuries, fungal toenails, heel pain and a variety of other problems can result from wearing shoes that aren’t best for your job and your feet.
  5. Minor pains and injuries that are easily forgotten or ignored – we understand that many people have to ignore pain and continue working from time to time, but recurrent pain, no matter how minor, needs to be addressed by a podiatrist, preferably before they lead to problems that are longer and more difficult to treat.

It’s important that you actually get seen for any pain or problem as soon as it presents itself – even issues that seem minor. A lot of people we see delay receiving treatment for months because they don’t think the issue is “bad enough”, but this is one of the worst things you can do. Many forms of foot injury won’t resolve themselves and are in fact cumulative in nature, meaning they worsen over time and with continuous use of the affected area. “She’ll be right” isn’t the approach you should take with your foot health, especially when your income relies on the proper functioning of your feet and legs, so your best bet is to come in and see a podiatrist if you feel like there’s anything not quite right. Give us a call today on 9542 3491 or click here to book an appointment online, and we’ll have you walking on air in no time.

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