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With the weather improving, and the days are warming up, now is the time to get your feet ready for summer, because who really wants show off their ugly feet?

Here are a few quick tips to help get your feet ready for summer:

  1. Check your feet – I know it sounds simple but have a really good look at your feet. What condition are your toenails in? How is the skin around your heels?
  • If your toenails are discoloured, or are starting to crumble away at the edge, you may have a fungal nail infection.  And if you have just 1 nail affected,      consider yourself lucky.  Fungal nails are very contagious, and the infection can spread to every nail. If you are uncertain if you have an infection, we can  help you out.  Recognising fungal infections early, before they get hold of every nail, can mean the difference of curing the problem, or it becoming a      chronic condition.
  • If the skin around your heels is cracked, again, you may need some help.  If the cracks are deep, they become painful, and will need professional care, as  simple moisturiser will not fix this.  Proper skin debridement is needed, but don’t fear, it isn’t painful to have the cracked skin removed, we do this every  day, it is quick, and you will feel like you are walking on air afterwards.
  1. Moisturise – yes putting on moisturiser on your feet can save you a lot of pain in the future. Dry skin has the tendency to crack, and if that happens, you have the potential to get infections.  Feet are dirty areas, so any split in the skin is more likely to get infected than other areas of your body.  A good moisturiser is sorbolene cream.  It is in every supermarket and pharmacy, cheap to buy and easy to apply.
  2. Check your summer shoes – it has been about 6 months since you last had them on, have they started to break down around the heel, are the straps broken? Worn shoes can cause quite a few problems, all of which are avoidable by purchasing new shoes. What shoes do we recommend during summer? Ideally we would have everyone in good joggers, but that isn’t realistic, and being Australian in summer means thongs are the regulated footwear.  But what thongs? We love the arch support thongs like Archies, and Oofos thongs.  They give you more support than the standard thong, and we supply these in the clinic.
  3. Apply sunscreen – yes even your feet can get sunburnt. Apply sunscreen to the top of your feet everytime you go out and are wearing sandals or thongs. If you have ever had sunburnt feet, it can be agonising!
  4. Come and see our podiatrists – having your feet treated by one of our professional podiatrists is like having your car serviced, except it is more enjoyable. We can clean up any dry callused skin, clean up your toenails and give you recommendations specifically catered to your feet, so that you will have a great summer.

If you  have any questions, or just not sure if this applies to you, just give us a call on 9542 3491, or you can book online at the top of this page.

The Team at Sutherland Podiatry Centre

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