This Foot Ulcer Is Not Getting Better. What Should I Do?

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If you are following the care plan and not walking on the ulcer but it is still not healing, your Podiatrist will certainly change the treatment plan. There are many new wound treatments that promote healing. Artificial skin products may be used to cover the hole while it heals. Extra oxygen to the wound, either pumped into a boot at home or applied under pressure often in a hyperbaric oxygen tank, can stimulate healing. A vascular surgeon may need to evaluate the ulcer to determine whether surgery might restore circulation to the foot and help heal the ulcer. You may also need a nutritional consultation to make sure your intake of protein, vitamins and minerals is adequate for optimal healing. If a bony protrusion is causing the ulcer, surgery may be needed to change the position of the bone or remove it. Although surgery is not pleasant, it can be necessary to save a limb.

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