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There is an array of methods to develop fungal nails and a couple of things that increase your susceptibility towards them, these include the following:

  • Walking barefoot in wet and moist environments
  • This can be a pool, sauna, water theme park or even work boots
  • Sharing personal items
  • Like nail clippers, hand or body towels and hand – me down belongings
  • Not changing your shoes often
  • Wearing form – fitting footwear

The above highly impact the cause to contract fungal nails. Moreover, certain health conditions can also manipulate the likelihood of fungal nails alongside, pre-existing nail damage or trauma to the nail bed or plate. Pre-disposing factors involve a weakened immune system, diabetes, smoking and ageing.

I believe myself to be the least ageists person in the clinic so when factual evidence indicates that age increases your chances of fungal infection, I reply back that it is because you have completed more mileage that your probability of developing a fungal toe infection is heightened.

How Will I Know If I have Fungal Nail?

Below are common signs to be mindful of if you are wary of a possible fungal nail infection:

  • White, yellow or brown streaks on the nail
  • Crumbling of the nail
  • Thickening of the nail
  • Scaling under the skin

What Should I Do if I Think I have Fungal Nails?

To begin with, do not stress. There are currently updated and readily available technology that makes combatting fungal toe nails a breeze through the park.

If you think you might have a fungal nail infection, the best course of action is to contact a qualified Podiatrist like Sutherland Podiatry Centre.

We are dedicated to providing long – term solutions to our clients while instilling confidence for these individuals to make informed decisions regarding their foot and ankle health.

We are excited to offer the latest evidence – based practice treatments for fungal nails which currently involves photodynamic therapy of a PACT technology that utilises the interaction of light with photosensitive agents to produce an energy transfer and local chemical effect. Thereby, effectively destroying microbes on the skin surface or nails.

In Australia alone, it is estimated that approximately 1.6 million people are inflicted with a fungal infection of the nails.

In midst of this there is currently an assortment of treatment options viable for fungal nails ranging from nail lacquers to oral antifungal medications. However, the challenge of the century remains to be patient compliance with topical antifungals and concerns targeted towards drug interactions and the adverse effects of oral antifungals. Therefore, an alterative therapy was needed, and viola’ photodynamic therapy has now been developed and adapted with successful results in the elimination of fungal nails without harmful adverse effects! Give us a call on 9542 3491 or book online and we can discuss the best option for you.

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