Let’s Walk Off Those Easter Eggs – Our Top Three Tips

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Most of us love Easter for varying reasons. From religious point of view, or the public holidays, or even the enormous amount of chocolate eggs or hot cross buns we consume, it is still one of our favourite times of the year.

The downside of having a good time over Easter are those dreaded kilograms we put on. One of the best ways of moving those kilos is starting a walking program.  If you haven’t started walking during our shutdowns, perhaps now is the time to start.  With the weather cooling off, it is more pleasant to go for a walk, rather than in the middle of summer.

So let’s get out into the sunshine (god knows how long that is going to last), stretch your legs, get your heart pumping.

Although walking has great health benefits, problems and injuries can happen due to poor footwear, improper stretching, or an irregular walking pattern.  As a result, problems such as corns, calluses and blisters can occur. To prevent these issues, follow these tips:

  1. Make sure your shoes fit well! Seems a bit obvious, but you would be surprised how many people wear the wrong shoe size. Make sure they are wide and long enough for your feet. Before you start using them for long walks, break them in for a few days with shorter distances.
  2. Blisters! The bane of every walker are blisters. The best way to prevent these is to wear socks that wick the perspiration away.  This is not the case with 100% cotton socks, as they tend to remain wet when you sweat.  The best socks we have found for this are bamboo socks. The bamboo wicks the perspiration away and prevents foot odour due to their antibacterial properties.  If you tend to sweat a lot when you walk, it is better if you take a second pair of socks if you do long walks.
  3. Even with these preventative measures, cuts and blister still can happen. It is especially true if you are a long-distance walker. You should always be prepared like the boy Scouts if you do long distance walking by having a supply of Band-Aid and betadine ready. So if you do get a blister you can cover it before it tears away, then you are in big trouble. Band-Aids are a quick short term fix and will cushion the blister, and the betadine will stop it getting infected.

If you are having an issue or experiencing any pain or discomfort in your feet, give us a call at 9542 3491, or you can book online (see the Book Now button at the top of the screen).

Til next time,

The Team from Sutherland Podiatry Centre

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