It’s Not Just Flu You Need To Be Worried About This Winter!

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Chilblains this winter | Sutherland Podiatry Centre

Winter is well and truly underway, and while we here in Sydney are in the middle of one of the warmest winters on record (thanks, global warming), the cold is never something that those of us who work in health enjoy! While GPs urge everyone to get their flu vaccines, we podiatrists are reminding you to PLEASE look after your feet throughout the winter months. This is the time of year when many people let their foot health fall by the wayside, and we’ve seen the consequences of this time and time again.

Did you know that chilblains are one of the most common causes of winter foot pain? You’re particularly at risk if you are older, suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome or have poor circulation. If you have young children, they are also more susceptible. Chilblains are triggered by exposure to the cold (especially when it’s wet), and when you have chilblains, your feet (and sometimes fingers or ears) may be:

  • Painful
  • Burning
  • Itchy
  • Tender to touch
  • Swollen
  • Red

At their worst, chilblains can result in painful blisters, ulcers or even infection of the skin on your feet.

So, how can you protect your feet and prevent yourself from getting chilblains this winter? You should keep active and make sure you do at least some walking regularly, in order to promote healthy foot circulation. Rugging up and keeping your feet warm is essential, but that’s not the only thing you need to know. You shouldn’t be walking around with bare feet, even in your own house. You might think that it’s best to wear multiple layers of thick socks to protect your feet, however, when it comes to preventing chilblains, quality supersedes quantity of socks. If you’re wearing tight, low-quality socks that restrict your foot circulation, you can potentially trigger a case of chilblains, or worsen chilblains that you already have.

Sutherland Podiatry Centre stocks a range of socks that are made of high-quality bamboo material that will keep your feet warm, absorb sweat AND keep your circulation from being restricted. Better yet, to help you get through this winter foot pain-free, we have them ON SALE at 3 for $30, saving you $15. This sale is only for THIS MONTH though, so hurry in and grab yours while you still can!

Last but not least, COME IN and see a podiatrist if you have been unlucky and developed chilblains so that we can manage and prevent them from worsening. We hope you have a happy and foot pain-free winter.

The Staff of Sutherland Podiatry Centre


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