How Do I Avoid Getting Foot Ulcers?

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Well now I am back and into the swing of work, I should get back to doing the normal blogs. This one is important because diabetic ulcers for some unknown reason been on the increase in our clinic.

You can take several very important steps to protect your feet. Keep your blood glucose levels as close to normal as you can. Inspect your feet every day and after exercising. Get regular medical attention for your feet at least several times a year. Many ulcers are preceded by calluses, so be sure you see a podiatrist and treat these calluses aggressively. There is no magic to avoiding foot complications. The key is to develop a routine that includes commonsense, everyday attention to your feet.

  • Keep your feet clean and dry
  • Wear well-fitting shoes and socks
  • Don’t go barefoot
  • Don’t soak your feet
  • Don’t put lotion between your toes, but put it on the rest of your foot
  • Get monofilament testing at least once a year
  • Treat calluses aggressively by seeing a podiatrist
  • Get any injury to your foot seen right away!!!

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