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Have you ever woken up one morning and noticed your big toe turn into the size of a balloon. I mean it’s red and purple all over and excruciatingly painful to walk on and your simply staring down at it thinking, “Oh no, this cannot be happening!” Yep, you guessed it, the dreadful ingrown toe nail has come about. So in the midst of your angst, you try and pinpoint a particular time when this atrocity might occur.

By now you’ve hobbled out of bed, and are searching hurriedly for some paracetamol to calm down the pain or if you’re a Spartan with a high pain threshold then you’ve masterfully finished packing the kids’ lunchboxes for school and getting ready to pop them in the car masking a grimace. And as you leave the driveway and put pressure on that big toe whilst dodging traffic a cry stifles to let out and you wonder, “Was it the dainty flats that I spent all day walking around town in? Or could it have been my soccer boots that were a size too small because I thought I last another season in an older pair?”

Or even worse, you’ve survived first period and the classroom teacher announces its PE next and you begin to squirm in your chair racing through a million excuses to avoid it. The only solution left is a simple call to your local podiatrist.

We your foot soldiers are taught under vigorous training various methods to remove your painful ingrown with a chosen modality that is comfortable for YOU! Therefore, the next time you pull the covers back and see an inflated, painful toe, ring Sutherland Podiatry Centre on 9542 3491, here to help you walk on normal toes again!

The Team from Sutherland Podiatry Centre

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