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National Diabetes Week | Sutherland Podiatry Centre

“Yay, my favourite week,” our receptionist Jordan sarcastically quipped when Narelle made this announcement to the staff. While this week might not be most people’s favourite week, diabetes is no laughing matter, particularly for us podiatrists.

People living with diabetes are naturally at a much higher risk of developing serious foot problems, up to and including amputation. Diabetes makes the feet more susceptible to nerve damage, wound infection and poor blood circulation, meaning that any foot abnormalities need to be looked at by a podiatrist urgently in order to prevent serious damage.

It’s important that if you have diabetes, you check your feet daily for any changes. If you develop any of the following, you need to see a podiatrist that same day:

  • Anything that indicates injury, e.g. bruising or cuts
  • An ingrown toenail
  • Redness or swelling
  • Any blister or ulcer

Any of the following need to be seen by a podiatrist within a week at most:

  • Calloused, cracked or broken skin, particularly between the toes
  • A corn
  • Changes in the colour of toenails or shape of the foot

Even if your feet don’t have any of the above, you’re not out of the woods yet. Other symptoms of foot health concerns related to diabetes include:

  • Feelings of coldness, burning, numbness or tingling in the legs or feet
  • Minor wounds taking a long time to heal
  • Feet that are a red-blue colour
  • Pain/cramps in legs or feet after walking short distances, up slopes/steps, or even while resting

You can greatly help yourself and your podiatrist by making sure you:

  • Properly wash, dry, moisturise and inspect your feet daily (if necessary, get somebody to help you)
  • Wear clean shoes and socks/stockings that fit properly and aren’t too tight
  • Avoid exposing your feet to direct heat, e.g. heaters, fires, electric blankets, hot water bottles
  • Are educated about how to manage your condition, particularly your foot health
  • Have regular appointments with your podiatrist

Our podiatrists will be more than happy to properly educate you on other ways to ensure your foot health as a diabetic, such as proper wound care and choosing the best footwear. So, come see us today and ensure that your diabetes doesn’t ruin your feet.

PS We would like to thank Diabetic Foot Australia for the graphic above

The Sutherland Podiatry Centre Team

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