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The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Menopause, that wonderful change in a woman’s life, can affect a lot of areas of your body, your feet included! These changes are quite common, and in today’s blog post I will discuss them and give you some solutions to helping with these changes.

What type of changes can happen?
  1. Burning feet – I have fond memories of my Grandmother always poking her feet out of the bed when I was a kid. She always complained about burning feet at night when she went to bed. This is a common side effect of menopause. This can drive you crazy and interrupt your sleep. It is often accompanied with night sweats (don’t you love them) and can be associated with dehydration.

         What can you do for it? Make sure you are drinking enough water, at least 8 glasses a day, and try some Vitamin B complex tablets in the morning with              your breakfast.

  1. Dry Callused Skin – is the skin on your feet looking like Lake Ayre in the drought? Super dry skin is another symptom of menopause as your oestrogen levels drop, this decreases your ability to retain moisture, so your skin on your feet especially dries out. Do your heels dry out and split? Are the calluses on your feet turning to bricks because they are so hard? Again we get to thank our hormones, or really lack of hormones for this. These two conditions especially can be very painful.

          What can you do for it? This would involve you moisturising at least twice a day, morning and night, with a moisturiser that contains the ingredient                     urea.   Urea helps breakdown the callus on your feet. We have had our own moisturiser formulated for us at Sutherland Podiatry Centre. Ask us about it             when you come in.

  1. Arch Pain – you may start to feel pain in the arches of your feet, and this can be for a number of reasons. Firstly, most women experience some weight gain with the onset of menopause, and this puts a lot of pressure on your arches, and the ligaments and muscles surrounding your arches. You may also develop some arthritis in this area as well as you start to age.

         What can you do for it? Weight loss helps here enormously, and also wearing more supportive shoes like joggers can help with the pain.

  1. Ball of Foot Pain – have you found that under the balls of your feet feel like you are walking on marbles? That is because the natural cushioning you have under the balls of your feet is starting to thin out. Don’t you love that! Here is a place where you want fat, but instead it tends to migrate to your waist. Thank you menopause for nothing!

          What can you do for it? Again wearing a more supportive and cushioning shoe like a jogger can help, and also putting padded innersoles in your shoes               can help. Those women who have spent a lifetime in high heel shoes will really feel this problem.  So lower the height of your heels in your shoes also                 helps.

I hope this post has helped you, if, however, you have tried these solutions and you are still in pain, please call us on 9542 3491, or book online at www.sutherlandpodiatry.com.au and we have more solutions to help you.

Take care


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  • This was a very interesting article and I resemble many of the ailments completely. I saw Rebecca at your practice quite a while ago and she diagnosed bursitis under the balls of my feet. I have orthotics but suffer a lot with pain. I will make an appointment to see someone soon. ( my husband not happy with me attending at present due to Covid)


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