Do You Have Painful Warts? Our New Treatment is Revolutionary!

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Wart sufferers rejoice! We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just invested in a brand-new treatment option for you! It’s faster, non-invasive and more effective than more traditional options, and we cannot wait to show it to you!

If you’re in the awful position of dealing with one or even more warts on your feet, we here at Sutherland Podiatry Centre know that the associated pain, irritation and embarrassment can be debilitating. We pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve in providing our patients with the best available methods of achieving happy and healthy feet. That’s why, in our tireless quest to make sure every single one of our patients is walking on air, we’ve introduced this nifty device to our practice. This is Swift wart therapy, the latest advancement in wart removal. The machine is a generator that makes microwaves which are used to treat the wart. While that might sound a little scary, microwaves are not only safe but amazingly effective! Not only that, but unlike older treatments involving the use of strong chemicals such as liquid nitrogen and salicylic acid, the microwaves work on eliminating the wart without damaging the surrounding skin.

To explain it simply, the treatment works by generating heat energy in the infected cells of the wart. This causes the cells to produce a protein which is then recognised by the immune system, which then gets to work treating the wart. Two to four treatments later in most cases, and your wart is no longer!

After each appointment, there’s no post-treatment fuss either. The days of having to worry about dressings, at-home aftercare and keeping the area dry are now a thing of the past! If you have any further questions about Swift treatment or would like to book an appointment, we urge you to call 9542 3491 today, especially if you’re looking to be treated before the end of the year. We’re entering our peak period and our schedule will soon be full, so make sure you get in while you still can! We look forward to giving you the feet of your dreams, feet free of painful warts!

Stay safe, we’ll see you soon.






The Team at Sutherland Podiatry Centre

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  • Nice blog! Warts are one of the major foot problem that need immediate attention. It can resolve in months also but if pain not goes then doctor can use different treatment. The treatment you mention here will definitely help one to recover from warts. One can go with Cryotherapy treatment also. It is a fast, effective, noninvasive treatment that minimizes the risk for recurrent warts. You can return to your normal daily activities directly after treatment. To know more click this link.


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