Do You Have Hard Foot Questions? This Book is for You!

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Before and between appointments, our patients often realise they have questions for their Podiatrist. Questions about treatment, post-appointment aftercare, the pros and cons of different courses of treatment for their specific condition, and the list goes on. We as Podiatrists also find that we get asked the same sorts of questions many, many times, even in the span of a single day. Unfortunately, many of the times patients call up to ask their Podiatrist a question, we’re in the middle of treating someone else, and we have to call them back rather than providing an answer straight away.

However, as you might have guessed, we are NOT fans of our patients consulting “Dr Google” (looking at you, WebMD!) or attempting their own DIY treatment without any professional guidance. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had people come to us in complete agony after attempting to take their own, or even their children’s foot problems into their own hands. Many of these times, they haven’t helped the problem at all and have in fact made it worse, leading to things like ingrown toenails, open wounds and infections. At the same time, we’ve realised many patients like you have a desire to learn more about the conditions they’re suffering from, the treatment they’re receiving, what issues do and don’t require the care of a podiatrist.

Well guess what everyone? Your wishes have been answered! The rumours are true, Narelle is not just a Podiatrist, she is now also an Author! She saw there was a need for patients to have a trustworthy quick reference guide on hand, so we’re incredibly excited to tell you all about her new book, which answers many of the questions our patients have.

In Walking on Air, Narelle, with over 30 years of experience in the field of podiatry, gives you a comprehensive explanation of the most common foot conditions and their solutions, all in plain English. She also provides instructions on what steps to help your feet that you can, in fact, safely do yourself. She tells the truth about which over-the-counter toys and potions will actually help you, and which are just a complete rip-off (spoiler alert: most fall into the latter category).

Narelle’s wealth of easy-to-read knowledge of podiatry is now available in-store and online for just $25, if you order online it has a $5 postage fee, so come grab your copy and have your foot questions answered today! Stay safe, we’ll see you soon.


The Team at Sutherland Podiatry Centre

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