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Well October has been a month of mixed emotions for me this year. First of all I have finally had a holiday in beautiful Fiji. I have always wanted to go there since I saw “The Blue Lagoon’ a thousand years ago. Now that will take some of you back a few years, I was a giggling school girl when it came out, but I fell in love with the lovely scenery of Fiji. So I packed up the kids and the husband and off we went. I must say it was certainly worth the hype, the scenery and the people were delightful. Although I must say I was sick of saying ‘Bula’ at least 20 times a day, it was certainly worth it to see the Fijians big smiles! My family and I had a fabulous time, and would highly recommend the Naviti resort for anyone with children. Unfortunately, while we were away, my dear Grandfather ‘Montie’ passed away. He was 97 years old, and had a very full life. He was living at home alone up until he had a fall, then ended up in hospital, where he stayed until he died 2 months later. Grandad was always a bit of a scallywag, he loved his food and especially his beer, and had a motto ‘ there is no such thing as a bad beer, just some are better than others’. Although he loved his beer, he still kept walking everyday to get his paper, only stopped golf at 90 because he couldn’t walk around 18 holes, as 9 was, according to him, a waste of time, and he refused to use a cart!!! Quite a stubborn old bugger! Even the day before he died, he reminded my father that his cousin still owed him a beer! So when we got back from holidays, we went straight to his funeral, not the nicest ways to finish a holiday, and between the tears we did have a few laughs at all the mischief he got up to. I think when you have someone close to you die, it does make you reassess your priorities, and remind you of the important things in you life, like family and friends, and that is how I feel about our subscribers to this blog, so THANK YOU for subscribing. You are all important to me, although I may not see you regularly, I still think about you guys every week when I do this blog, so if there is any foot things you would like discussed, just let me know. Bula Narelle

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